The Eye of Jesus by Julie Tomala


An eye can tell a story.  It sees so much…..

But when an eye sees something that it does not want to see.

The eye can kill a man, bully people, call a person worthless names, or

just push people around like they are nothing to this world.

Let me tell you something life is hard, but it will only get harder. If you always

let someone put you down.  Sometimes people look at themselves and believe

what bullies say.  They are wrong and you are wrong too!

What everyone is? Is a great person.  I want you to go to a mirror and look.  If you don’t see anything great in you. Get a better mirror. Began to see through the eye of Jesus.  Look a little longer and look a little closer. Until you see that you are beautiful to HIM and this world and you matter to so.. many people.

We see you as a survivor, not a loser.  Remember that you are the definition of beauty!


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In life, we sometimes do things we regret. We as humans run this earth, but we take what we want. I wonder now if God regrets giving us curiosity.

God made the world within seven days. Yet it takes man not even seven minutes to destroy.

I always wondered what life would be like today? If Eve had never taken that one infectious bite of that deceiving fruit. And if the evils of this earth wouldn't exist around every nook and cranny.

We now have a chance to break this horrid pattern that has now become a vicious cycle and fight life battles through the eyes of God.

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